WAFAW in Brazil (September 2014) Posted September 5, 2014 by WAFAW


In the framework of the WAFAW programme, Laurent Bonnefoy and Vincent Geisser traveled in early September 2014 to Brazil to give academic lectures, present their research and establish contacts with local universities.

WAFAW in Brazil (September 2014)Meetings at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and at the University of Brasilia were organised in partnership with the French Embassy and the RIMMAL network established by Cecilia Baeza of the Getulio Bargas Foundation in Sao Paulo.

Laurent Bonnefoy speaking in BrazilIn Rio de Janeiro (5 September, 2014) and Brasilia (8 September, 2014), Laurent Bonnefoy and Vincent Geisser gave two lectures dealing with revolutionary processes in Yemen and Tunisia. Audiences were numerous (35 in Rio and 120 in Brasilia) and debates were fruitful, focusing on comparison with Latin American political transitions. Potential for cooperation between academics and students from Latin America and the Arab world was also discussed. Translation in Portugese of research carried out by WAFAW and further publication were proposed by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Institute of International Relations of the University of Brasilia.