Claire Beaugrand

Claire BeaugrandClaire Beaugrand joined the Institut Français du Proche Orient (Ifpo) in Jerusalem in June 2013 after working as Gulf Senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, where she covered the Bahrain’s political deadlock. Since then, her researches focus on the Gulf investment policies, their rationale and articulation with aid programs in Palestine.

She is one of the core team members of the European research Council-funded WAFAW (When Authoritarianism Fails in the Arab World) project. Having worked and published on the trajectories of Bahraini exiles, she leads together with Vincent Geisser, the WAFAW program on “Diasporas and Arab revolutions and transitions”.

Claire wrote her PhD thesis in International Relations at the London School of Economics, a work that investigated the emergence and persistence of statelessness in Kuwait and will be published by IB. Tauris under the title Stateless in the Gulf: Migration, Nationality and Society in Kuwait.

Her research focuses on issues of nationality, transnational networks, political exiles and social margins as entry points to understand the evolution of internal and external.