Matthieu Rey

Matthieu ReyMatthieu Rey is a Professor Assistant in Collège de France (Paris). He holds a PhD in history from the EHESS (Paris).

His research focuses on the political system in Iraq and Syria as case studies to understand processes of policy-building and state-building in the Middle East during the 1950s. He examines the political engineering of power. He intends to publish a book on the parliamentary system in Iraq and Syria between 1946 and 1963 and a monograph on Syria. He was a doctoral fellow in the Institut Français du Proche Orient (Ifpo) in Damascus between 2009 and 2013, and then, a research fellow at the Middle East Institute (Singapore).

He is also fluent in Arabic. Apart from his main research, he has delivered talks and published articles on elections in the Middle East, development policies, the Cold War, and the ‘Arab spring’.