Dilek Yankaya

Dilek YankayaDilek Yankaya is a WAFAW post-doctoral researcher and the author of New Islamic Bourgeoisie: the Turkish model (2013). Her book was distinguished by the Comité France – Turkey for the literary award of 2013 and edited in Turkish in 2014.

New Islamic Bourgeoisie: the Turkish model (2013)She got her PhD degree in political sciences from Sciences Po Paris, with her dissertation on “The formation of the new Islamic bourgeoisie in Turkey: the case of Müsiad” (2011). Based on a field work with conservative businessmen in Istanbul and Anatolian cities, her doctoral thesis presented the mobilization of Islamic identity in favor of upward social mobility and political consolidation as well as the innovation of the management patterns of SMEs.

Author or coauthor of articles in Governance and European Journal of Turkish Studies, she had been involved in many international research projects on Muslim communities. She teaches at Sciences Po Paris and coordinates the graduate seminar on “The New Muslim Business Ethics: a multidisciplinary approach” at the Institute for studies on Islam and Muslim world societies (IISMM) in Paris.

Her WAFAW post-doctoral project deals with the dynamics of Turkish businessmen’s economic activism within the Muslim world and its implications on the reconfiguration of the power relations in the Middle East as well on the emergence of a new Islamic spirit of capitalism.