Loulouwa Al Rachid

Loulouwa Al RachidLoulouwa Al Rachid has been researching the politics of Iraq and the Gulf region for the past 20 years. Prior to joigning WAFAW, she was a Senior Iraq Analyst with the International Crisis Group and a consultant for numerous governmental institutions in France and Europe.

She has carried out extensive fieldwork in Iraq both before and after regime change in 2003. She completed her PhD in Political Science at the Institut d’études politiques de Paris; her dissertation “L’Irak de l’embargo à l’occupation : dépérissement d’un ordre politique (1990-2003)” explored the erosion of authoritarianism and survival strategies in the final decade of Baathi Iraq.

She has written several book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals such as Middle Eastern Studies, Maghreb-Machrek, A Contrario, Critique internationale, Tumultes, Politique étrangère, and Politique internationale.

In the frame of the WAFAW project, her research will focus on: a) Militia “entrepreneurship” in the Levant and, b) Tribalism and jihadism in Iraq.